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People who haved support from family or friends when

If cats aren't real, how can humans be so stupid?

After everything that has happened in the US in recent months, what do you think of President Trump's recent comments on the miners?

To those who keep

What do you think of men getting attention for the cleavage they gets from their boobs?

You are 11 years old again and are given the opportunity to ruin the entire family vacation. What do you do?

What's your favorite romantic/sexual experience you've ever had?

What is something you have lost sight of as you've gotten older?

What’s something that can only be achieved with the use of extreme dedication?

Which good shit will become even better with time?

Fugitives of Reddit, How long have you and your accomplice been on the run and why?

Redditors of the weekend, what was your best Sunday yet?

What would be different if "Game Of Thrones" was a show based on real life?

What can trump do to make you feel special?

What are signs of affection in a romantic partner?

What product/thing is a lot easier to make than people think?

How do you feel about President Trump's response to the white nationalist protests in Virginia?

What do you consider to be 'perfect'?

For girls on reddit, how would you go back to a pre-virgins state?

What would be different about Trump's nickname if it was based on one of your favourite things?

Redditors, when did you first encounter racism in a personal relationship? How long ago was it?

What's the worst misuse of a restroom that has not been authorized?

People who are killing it on reddit, why are you so

We can take your dreams and turn them into reality. You choose one cell phone case from among the other items you have in your closet. How would you use it?

White Macy's employee was attacked and beaten up in Macy's by black man. No major media is covering this story, is there some media bias here?