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What would you change in

People who never shower, why?

What’s one time you felt so special?

If humans lived to be 500 years old, what jobs would the big wigs in Gats get?

Gamers of Reddit, what is the best time to play a video game again?

Which subreddit has the nicest people?

People who comment "lol" on posts with tens of thousands of upvotes.

You are lying in the grass, what do you see?

Since yesterday was Black Lives Matter Day, what are your thoughts on the Black Lives Matter Movement?

People who said "beep boop" while having sex why?

Whats a free software you can download that will let you permanently join subreddits?

For the Redditors who stopped reading books before they were halfway through a novel, what is it about?

You have now killed four people in a row, what do you do next?

What's something that happened on a camping trip that you still think

If aliens arrived and you had to choose one human over another what would you choose?

Would you stop dating an otherwise amazing person if you found out he

People of Reddit with a photographic memory, how well do you remember the past?

[Serious] Men, when did you experience first hand the effects of sexism?

People of reddit who have an IQ in the top 1% (137 or higher), what is your life like? What is your occupation?

what would you do if you find out your son is a homo sapien

At what job would you love to have more sex with?

Have you ever been the center of a racist meme? If so, how long did it last you?

Gamers of reddit, what was your worst "creepy online friend" story?

Has the internet stopped being a net positive for humanity? What if all our knowledge is corrupted by some unseen internet service provider?

You get $10 million but he bullies his friends, you have to go outside and make people wait for you, how do you do it?