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People who got reddit gold, why?

Cops of reddit, what was your “get out of jail free” card when you were first busted?

Dear dudes, what is your story of meeting your girl(s), how did it go?

If God would answer 1 question for you right now, what would you ask?

People with birthmarks, how do you feel about them and what do you wish people would stop doing?

People of reddit who work in the sex industry, what’s the most awkward thing you’ve ever had to do while working there?

What was the difference between your parents and friends?

Hey reddit, have you ever had a dream so good that you ended up sleeping that dream anyway? If so, what was it?

Teachers of Reddit, what is the most blatant hoax you have come across during class?

What are some good starting points for someone to understand autism?

What's with the abusiveness of some Korean people?

Criminally minded people, what is one case of legal stupidity that you are ashamed to be a part of?

People who moved out to be near family: what surprised you the most?

Translators of Reddit, what was the most confusing sentence you have ever translated?

How would your Mum's or your Grandma's cooking style have changed if you were their age?

What are some things that are considered "fun" but are actually very hard?

Have you ever felt you don't know what you're good at? Like you have two personalities? That you've always had but never knew which one was which?

What are some funny Twitter bios for people with 2?

What do you think is the "red flag" for a doctor?

What's your opinion on what the next president of the United States

Why is the fucking USA the only country in the world that doesn't have a national park and reserve system?

People with parents that bomb on Reddit, how do you manage your parents anxieties and jitters, and why do you bring it up?

Why can reddit go on and on about privacy, when (at almost any time) several of the front page posts are embarrassing photographs of people, taken without their consent?

People who deleted sexual content from their lives, can you tell us how it affected your life?

Which animal would be the most badass and which would be the lamest to approach?