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Folks who work in the food industry, what is the weirdest thing you’ve ever seen ordered by a customer?

Men, what’s the most mythologized example of "he who can, must"?

10. If your username was your kink, how kinky you got

Redditors with children under the age of 18, how do you think their parents are handling your situation right now?

What would be the worst 'crack' language you can come up with?

If you could speak to any group of people in the world right now to discuss any topic, what would you say?

What is your worst sexual experience?

Men of Reddit: Would you date a woman without breasts?

"Well, hello there, pal." It's 2016 and we are back to the sonic boom, pal. How would you feel about this review being changed to a review of a product?

What is best one-u-penny video game that you can think of?

What are your thoughts on the end of the world?

An extraordinary experiment is going on, and the participants are themselves extraordinarily talented musicians. Instead of spending all their money on the usual instruments, why not experiment and see what instruments they come up with?

What are some pretty fucked up sub reddits you can't look away from?

What could you not handle growing up and still do today?

The Clinton Foundation is targeting teenage girls on Instagram to get them to pose for a bikini shoot in front of a television camera, and they have to wear a tight dress to make it look like a shoot. What would you do?

What do you think about KSIX?

Who's the worst enemy a teacher has ever had?

What is the best game you ever played?

Your user name is now your stand. What is it and what is it capable of?

Anyone else wonder if

Which trademark do you hate?

As you can see, Reddit is trending pretty crazy right now. What are some good subreddits you can downvote to be prepared for tomorrow?

People with ocd and anxiety and depression. What can counsellors do to help?

What inanimate objects would you add a book to the movie?

What is the most creative name you've come up with that is both amusing and is not cliche?