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What is the best and most efficient way to travel between countries via air force or nautical cable?

Gamers of Reddit: what is the best cartoon you've ever had?

At this point, who should the cake be for Opening Ceremonies at your school?

People who read the TOS, what are the most alarming terms you've been shocked to learn?

Gamers of Reddit, what is the worst thing you've seen someone do to another person in a game, outside of a video game?

Why do you think life is better with a diary and what would you write in your diary?

In honor of Davis against the Frog, What's the funniest story of how a friend beat the s*** out of you?

What's your insane pet peeves?

What's something a lot of people love and you think is funny but you’d never do it in real life?

What is your belief system?

Best way to deal with an inappropriate lifemate is to have sex with them at this level?

What could happen if Donald Trump got elected president?

Just curious, have you ever been so high that your tolerance to pain was heightened to the point where you could physically feel it? If so, what was it like?

Shrek is all cuteness and then he gets sucked into another dimension. What’s the first thing he does after entering his new one?

To all the girls on Reddit, what is the best way a guy could approach you while wearing nothing but underwear?

Have you ever had a "thing" that people assumed was normal until you saw it?

To the people that ask "Is someone gay in your family?", what's your

What is something a lot of people take for granted, but really isn't?

Dc vs San Fran, who will you be voting for in the election and why?

What U.S. state has the dumbest laws?

If you were to write a

What is your family?

Are you the only one sick of today's culture of having sex but expecting people to adapt?

What's something you're willing to fight for?

What is something everyone should know how to do at age 25?