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Who is the most poisonous character in popular culture?

Uni students of reddit, what are some useful tips from an academic perspective?

Could someone please explain why people still support Trump and not back off?

How do you feel about JK Rowling?

Nurses of Reddit - what was the best excuse an HIV positive patient gave for getting sick - and what did the other nurses say?

(NSFW) People of Reddit with anally sex. How do you approach it differently now that you have anal?

How was your year so far so far?

Why do you not support Trump and still buy his products?

What's one thing you don't want to lose?

What would a dating site like OK Cupid's philosophy be?

What’s the most bullshit “but seriously, why would anyone vote for Trump’ thing you’ve ever heard?

Furries of reddit, how do you go through with it when making a subreddit?

Teachers of reddit, what was the dumbest possible response to 'I want to get out

What's the dumbest thing you've heard someone say as if it was an absolute truth?

Men of reddit, what are

Non Reddit users, what are some of the coolest features in your internet-enabled (smart home, etc) that nobody has used yet?

Americans, how has your view on the current political climate changed since the end of the war?

What are some kickass resources online for those who are in search of crime scene investigators or information security people?

People who had their shit together, how did it change your life?

How would you feel about a system where parents can post videos of their children having fun with no one being able to make money off of it?

Who was the best type of kid and why?

People who live in Wyoming

Vegans of reddit, when did you realise you had chosen the wrong lifestyle?

Black Americans, what have you "spoken out loud" about Dr. King?

What movie title would be improved by adding a third person narrator?