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Husbands and husbands, what's the funniest story about your wife being so domineering and controlling that it almost makes you want to stab her?

What movies totally ruined your childhood?

What types of voice-acting do you prefer?

What is a super hero name that is hard to make up?

What do you guys think about when you're angry?

If the band KISS is still around... why don't they just come out as gay and let everyone know they're really a band of brothers?

Is the bisexuality a choice or a result of genetics is it natural for you to be curious about other people's sexual orientations?

Why are you on the fence about switching to the anonymous chat?

People who get angry very easily, what makes you mad?

Who the fuck is Karen?

What do you think about with your life?

Have you ever accidentally sent someone a sext?

Why do people link their irl partner's post on OK Cupid to Trump?

People who have been bitten by their pets phobias, what if we got a cure for this problem and everyone went wild about it

In this week's AskReddit, what's the most outrageous lie a salesperson has told you?

(NSFW) girls of reddit, what was the first anime you fucked?

In high school, what are some NSFW (Not Safe For Work!) things to know?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully defecate onto everyone else beneath you? How did you overcome your fear?

Admins of Reddit, what is the craziest post you've seen someone upvote without comment?

What’s something you like, but hate the final product?

Redditors, how would you feel about giving karma 10,000,000? (More than right now)

What have you always wanted to ask a celebrity?

How would you feel about a subreddit?

What is the most brilliant way to make money as a YouTube?

What’s your weirdest …