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The whole idea of evolution is based on the idea that life starts off as a series of random events. How would you ensure that this series of random events never repeats itself?

What can I do to Prevent an Unwanted Child from Happening to Me?

people who are racist towards Indians, what’s going through your head as you furiously spew racist epithets at someone without any provocation?

Girls who read the TOS, what's your favorite bit?

Who is a known quantity?

What are the 50 greatest photographs of all time?

How can you get a girl to stop fapping?

People who lived in third world countries and still speak English: How have you celebrated this day?

Waste management with Karens?

What was the funniest thing you ever heard someone say in anger?

How would you feel about a world where cars don't drive themselves recklessly; where traffic laws are enforced and cycling is encouraged?

What hobbies have you now that you feel you're more talented in than in the past?

What was the worst thing you accidentally sent to someone you were mad with?

If instead of rebooting movies, people watched the original television shows (musicals, dramas, comedies) and changed the title, episode, or even the sound effects, what would the new version be?

What is something that is highly regarded as a "social good" but is actually a terrible thing?

Has anything surprised you about your life?

The moon is flat. So is California. So is space. So is everything. How can one live with neither?

Why is there so

Grizzlies-War Machine preview to end of season?

Redditors who don't watch local media, why?

Gym goers of Reddit, have you ever been in a bad situation and what did you do?

What is something a lot of people think/believe that is surprising to someone who

What is the best "Weird Fishes" episode of the Disney theme park?

What “all too common” trait do you feel is dangerous in a girl?

When will this time stop?