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If 3 people in your country fell in love and had a child, what would the childbearing hours be?

What's the weirdest, most creative way you've seen an unexpected reaction play out in the world?

You are teleported 2 feet to Earth (10 seconds to moon) how do you feel about this?

What is the worst time to go to the movies and why?

What are you most like in real life?

If you were a 1-episode fling for Andy Samberg what would be his silly, minuscule reasoning for breaking up with you?

Your SO turn out to be a total ass. What screwed you over the most?

What would be your reaction if you saw your father figure getting destroyed in the first three hours of game play?

What's one thing that makes someone a better person?

How do you feel about with the nuclear option?

People with positive reputations, how is it like to be an outsider?

WTF is trump vs shane?

The Punisher is back! What do you think of the new trailer?

[Serious] what are some good ways to help minorities like yourself?

People who have made the 'wrong' decision and gone back to being a child again, how do you look back on your past decisions now?

When there's a Taco Bell you were craving for years, what came out in Taco Bells?

What if my girlfriend gets pregnant and I dont have any other guy to play with her?

Redditors, when did you first discover your love of unwiped grannies and Dads? NSFW

What are some truly unique people, or things, you have met?

People who say "men can too easily be cocky" don't actually mean that?

People who migrated to Canada, why?

What’s your greatest "manscaping" moment?

To the creators of original shows, movies and videogames what was your best creation so far?

Teenagers of Reddit, what do you think of the upcoming school year?

What kind of videos do you think most people don't watch?