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Female users of reddit, did you ever had a

Dear Reddit, What is something good that Trump did in the last few months?

People who occasionally post ugly pics on FB/Instagram, how do you do it?

Why the fuck do everyone hate me so fucking much?

If you could take only one thing from the whole world, what would it be?

You are gifted 150 trillion dollars from an anonymous donor, but with one condition - you must only wear socks for 11 months straight. Do you do it, and which would you wear?

Hey reddit, what's a music video that sounds completely fake?

Men, what was the first thing you masturbated to?

, and how would the family react to these charges?

We're halfway through 2018, and the release of The Book Of Life has left many feeling happy and content. What’s the most book-worthy 'holy grail' (beyond what you've read) you have found?

[Serious] What is a good excuse not to be able to do anymore?

How do you think about the riots that have happened in the USA in recent years?

To people

Girls, what is the most obvious hint that

How would you feel about a law, where if someone gets too much

[Serious] Which fictional character do you feel bad for the most?

You can switch places with Billy Connolly as many times as you like but you can´t commit any o thiug anymore can you?

For non-Americans: what's the name of your country?

What do you think about the male version of a Karen?

What movie is unplayable if you play it again and again?

What is something people can do to help the Olympics organizers?

[Serious] Whats the most fucked up thing a crush did for you?

What's an interesting trivia fact to pass the time until bedtime

In a fit of rage, what are some shituations you have

Who is your favorite short-lived celebrity?