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Yo mom is binge watching Game of Thrones - Catelyn Stark is raped last i checked her phone she said she has 6 hours to live why cant i watch it when she has charged up to full blast?

What are some stories that make you feel like you've been a part of something great?

Redditors who are originally from the EU, what's something that some people are offended by?

How would your life be different if every single one of your organs were replaced with positivity beads?

The president said he will cancel the stupid war on Christmas. How do I protest?

The Return of the Koopalings is one of those shows where the entire point of the episode is to make us laugh, so we laugh, in a way that will last us through the rest of the episode. How much thought went into this one joke?

Translators of Reddit, what are some NSFW ( Not Safe for Work ) stories we can tell each other?

What's the easiest way to lose all of your friends?

People of Reddit that think Captain Obvious is a good show, why?

You can buy a car from the salesman but after you start complaining about the smell in the car, he says "Well, you're no longer a salesman." What's your next move?

Transgender men/women, what is the most interesting thing your penis has ever done to you?

If you had to describe your job to someone in the most horrible way possible, what would that person have to say?

What changed when you were first busted with the first time?

New Zealanders of Reddit, what's the funniest story about a story so far?

Why do people claim that they are underage when they are actually 18 ?

why do so many redditors downvote legitimate political comments instead of replying with an opposing argument?

If existence was a videogame, what would be some loading screen tips?

Scores of Trump supporters have come out to support him in the last 24 hours and it’s amazing how many people still don’t support him. What’s going to happen in the next 24 hours?

The website ShortCats, which makes fun of the way short people act, was one of the main reasons I decided to get a short haircut. What other websites are you downvoting with your downvoting skills?

People of reddit with an eating disorder, how do you feel about food?

What should be a conscious decision for a young person, but can be overwhelming at times?

Who is one person in history that is forgotten but should be mentioned in school children's and youth groups?

If movies had a rating system, what would it be?

People who use google as their primary search engine, what is the first result you get when you type "presidential" into google?

How would you feel about a porny lifestyle for Kasich/Rubio?