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Who is this feat and why is he in so many movies?

You're tasked with removing the last thing white lives matter posters from Durham, NC. What do you do?

People who have a tendency to lose their train of thought, what prevents you from gaining it back?

[Serious] Why do you think minority groups are oppressed the most?

You are transported to year 0, which was pre-Mortal Kombat?

Your username is your superpower. How do you defeat bad guys with only your fists?

Transgenders, how do you prefer to masturbate and how does it feel?

Gym goers of reddit how did you come up with new nicknames for old games?

It's 1996. I give Billy Joel a run for his money as to what will happen in 2020. Hes down with Elon Musk for being the first person to tweet. What will be his response?

What if life was a video game and you had to complete a level in as little as two hours?

How do you think a Pink Floyd cover album would change history?

ROME — Pope Francis on Tuesday commuted the sentence of a German who had been locked up for raping a 14-year-old girl in the Czech Republic, leaving her daughter and another adult male to bear the boy's growing child.

People with birthmarks, how do you look after them and what can be done to stop it?

If television is the greatest invention ever, what is the greatest TV movie?

People who are for and against the military, what are your thoughts on the Bush vs. Gore re-enactment?

What are the cryogenic states of reddit?

What is the greatest written rip-off in history?

Anyone else wonder if that one post on AskReddit is the best thing to come from it?

How do you feel about People of Reddit who answer "lol" instead of "f" and upvote a post to make it a thumbs up post?

What are you doing to be prepared for the apocalypse?

How would you feel about making Pottermore a reality and mapping Potter life?

So... how do you play the ukulele?

Hey Redditors, what is the most bullshit thing your mind has recalled being told to you by an ex?

What's a lesson your parents taught you as a kid that hasn't sunk in

How do you guys feel about LMAO?