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What is your greatest sexual experience to date?

Cows of India, what are your thoughts on the cow controversy?

What is your opinion on vaccinating against common colds?

Is there any specific place you go in the dead of winter that you fear the most?

Genderfluid people of reddit, what does gender spectrum disorder actually look like, and how did it affect your life?

[Serious] Do you think America is currently on the path to becoming a dictatorship. If so, what direction will you be taking things in the near future?

Human beings, can you please stop sharing photos of your poop? Seriously?

Where to find Rob Thomas' artwork?

What was something that you did/experienced that

We're only two games into 2017, but already the year is feeling like a trilogy. What are some standouts so far?

What is your favorite Kurt Oneyr story?

How many of you actually go to the gym to workout?

Male: My girlfriend is constantly making out with my brother and it's starting to make me nervous. What simple thing would you do to ease my mind?

What would an actual shortage of heroin/pace be like?

If God would answer 1 question for you,

What are some things straight people can’t handle?

How do you clean the house after you raid it with drugs and weapons?

Kids in kindergarten? Why are you reading this to me?

What would be the absolute most ridiculous thing to see in a porno?

Which Short Storyells as Well as an Author Told Them?

It's that time of year again. The storks are coming home to roost this time around, what do you do?

Doctors, what was the most ridiculous explanation given for a parent's death?

If you were given the opportunity to give your life over to science, would you? Explain your decision?

Are you sick of the self righteous people in the west and how they feel when they have their opinions challenged?

If you could bring