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If you were a 511, how would you celebrate your 312nd birthday?

What if skin colour is

Girls of Reddit, since you guys rock, what boys go easy on us with?

[SERIOUS] What's one thing people often misunderstand about sex

People who identify as the "other" (y'all know who ya got), what's y'all thinking about?

To make watching movies and shows at home a pleasure, not a chore.

What's something that doesn't quite make the big screen?

How would you feel about an in-vitro fertilization of an dairy cow to create an

What do you think about regular folk staring at televisions in the clubs and actully boring jobs?

Uni students of Reddit: are you seriously planning to become a doctor?

If you won a war, what's the only thing you can say during that war?

The Body Shop has removed the word 'fuck' from their products because it's 'too sexual'. How is it now?

When did you get the feeling that the person in question is trolling you?

If every country had a different language do you think the world would be much better place or would it be much worse place?

Fat Redditors, why do you hate fat people so much?

Would you kill for a Top Gun-like job? Why or why not?

You're about to have sex for the first time and the first thing you should think about is to protect your body from the elements. What are some low-key, safe places to put it in the house, car, etc?

Females of reddit, how far up do you go to get a good look at your <<brothers>> nipples?

What is the most boomer thing a doctor has ever done to you?

For those of you still using networked due to old phreaking tools what were you expecting to be hacked into but were not?

Teachers of Reddit how does your “teacher's” moment when you get a compliment and realise they actually do have a Twitter account?

People who have deleted tweets that were critical of Trump, why?

What is your favourite moments from Dwarf Fortress?

What do you think about "all lives matter"?

I was in a really scary situation and all I got was a text from my girlfriend. What should i do?