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The secret menu at your local diner is the cheat sheet of your dreams. What's on the other side?

Is America going authoritarian? If so what will lead to a return to the muppet system?

What do you think about Cops getting away with plain murder? Should they be banned from being the country?

What's your least favorite line in a song?

Dear Misled, how has your life changed since?

You are in a very awkward position and all your friends seem to like you, so you decide to start gaeing them. What do you do?

Are “I/you the same person” and why?

Redditors, how do you feel about the Men Going Their Own Way meme?

You are now a trader, what are some good resources you have on O “rest in peace Cops’?

Doctors of reddit, what is the best way someone has described your injuries?

What's the strangest thing that you've seen as a police officer?

Why can't we all just agree that the reason why the world is in so much chaos right now is because human beings ARE chaotic.

Reddit, what is a song that perfectly captures your sadness?

People who are donating their organs, what is your plan for when your time is up?

My fiance and my brother are in a serious relationship. He is an amazing father and I feel like I'm falling for him. What should I do?

Did you ever have a pornstar in your life and what was their name?

What is the most sexiest thing a woman has done for you?

What “all too common” trait do you feel is fucked up?

Cows of India, what are your thoughts on bullock cart races and why?

People of Reddit who have broken up with their partners, how did

What is your creative pee-wee story?

You're having sex with the same sex for the first time can u please make it a respectful fuck you?

People with incisors, sharp objects, or any other dangerous tool that you carry with you everywhere you go: why are you a burglar?

Every single image from the cinema will be used to create the next hdtv series. What are the series title(s)?

Fat Redditors, why do you like fat people, and what's it like being fat?