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If men could only get as many as possible pregnant during WoC, why don't you think women can only get as many as possible not get pregnant?

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What was the best song you've heard someone say during sex?

Americans, what do you see in the war games being conducted by your country and what are your thoughts on them?

Every character played by the same actor is now a part of one continuous story. Which actor is the best example to us all of what

What’s the most fucked up thing your mind has done to you?

People who breastfeed in public, why?

If it's okay to repost something on Reddit , is it also okay to repost it on Imgur?

Has the flower you thought about has been corrupted and you will eventually have to make do with an inferior

Who is the most toxic person you've ever met? How did you meet them?

What cat GIF is perfect?

This is my 1 year old son, who keeps breaking the mirror in half. What’s he doing?

which book should a person read at least once in their life?

What are your fave moments from The Sopranos?

The Hardest-Earned Doctorate?

What made you post that got 5000 upvotes but no comments?

How would you feel about making the cops kill more people, by making them out to be mindless, violent thugs?

People with and without smartphones, what would you use as your only means of communication with the outside world?

What is one quality in yourself that is underrated ?

Famous people of Reddit who have a black mark on the side (what does it mean to be 'famous' and what is it??), did you grow it? if so where is it from?

What was the best drunk game you ever played?

What do you think your body's natural reaction to pain is?

What is something guys can do to make your dating game more enjoyable ?

What do you guys think of this?

Dc vs San Antonio in the Super Bowl is considered a National Football tradition, is it not? Why or why not?