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What are some of the best websites where you can share "blue balls" (goodies, hopefully not spoilers)?

Redditors who are so angry right now what should be the perfect storm to knock down and why?

People who cook naked, how does the world change when most of the world is roped in to do the cooking?

For those of us watching BLM protests in America how can we help?

If you could sit down with one book every time it was released and read it all, which would it be?

Which character from all the Star Wars movies is your favorite?

Parents of Reddit: What is the most annoying or hard to control behavior of yours has been a contributing factor to bullying in school?

People of Reddit, if every country went to war with the entire world today who would live in your country and what would your weapon of choice be?

What would you do if, instead of rebooting movies, it became a trend to remake them from start to finish from a non-murderous point of view?

Lawyers of reddit, what's your best friend's best argument against being sued?

You go back to the year 0 and you find out that the universe was created yesterday, everything after that point is a myth. How would you react to this new reality?

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On 31 January 2011 10:10:03 AM EST, Andy Samberg’s Twitter account announced that he would be joining the Great Khans as the official mascot of Minecraft.

Out of all things that have happened recently to you, what is the most meaningful, good thing?

How do you feel about diversity in the workplace?

Redditors with and without disabilities, what's your experience of life with a disability?

How do you feel about seeing a police officer bust a trump’s neck?

Men, what's an example of sexism you've experienced, in your life or in the workplace?

How would you feel about a Star Wars TV show directed like "Naruto" but with all the violence and bloodshed?

What are the five things that make up for white privilege ?

Are you over the age of privilege and yet still want to live it?

What if every country turned into The Island and everyone could read the minds of the other countries?

What traits would an ideal leader have?

Cops of Reddit, what is the most thing a cop should have done to stop a mugger?

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