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What's the biggest mistake that you made as a child that you made right then and never regretted it?

These are not the types of questions you usually ask in /r/AskReddit . Instead, you ask them what’s the sexiest thing your ...

What if everyone in the world could read minds and see what thoughts go through them?

what is the most idiotic thing you've done?

What would be the best app you ever downloaded?

We all know about red flags, but what else should people be prepared for?

What's the most unbelievable thing you've ever seen?

What is your favourite book you've read in school?

Gym goers of reddit, what is something else a lot of people struggle with when trying to get to the gym?

How can you get so many

Whats something important you think everyone should learn at an early age?

What's your 4chan reason for starting reddit?

People who were left-wing politicians in the past, what left you disappointed?

Republicans who will not be voting for Trump 2020, what made you decide not to vote for him in November?

The cookies are finally done binging them why do you think im depressed b/c of age now?

All gae have gone to hell and gae are back with you

How would you feel about a college education?

When was the first time you had an actual "aha!" moment?

The anniversary of the apocalypse is 2018. How do you feel about 2020 being the end of the world?

What problems do you think solve by having 2 sets of tits?

People with OTM's, what is it like?

Non-Americans, do you have an "F" for "Fuck-You-No"?

What is your "this is too good to be true" moment?

Who's the worst CEO you know?

Americans - why are you obsessed with guns?