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What's the strangest thing you've seen at

Which Dogs have the Best Motivation to Live and Which Dogs don't?

What do you think your favorite song is?

Flat earther's why do you think the earth is flat. And what if there is no earth?

People who have a problem with people openly discussing their sex lives, what's a good excuse?

people who kill bugs everyday why?

Reddit, if your neighbor beat your ass, would you help him?

How do you feel about the People's Park, the name Change and the renaming of England's Parliament House to the name Change and the House

What’s the best alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage?

What do you think about all this sexual stuff, Reddit?

What movie was the best in its entire run?

Our country has had a bad couple of months. What was going through your mind when you heard about a "birther" issue?

What did you find out about your family that they probably won't

For those of us watching the uprising in the United States, what can we do to help?

Write a book. What is it?

Where does one find motivation to do something everyday so that one can achieve their goal and what is that goal?

An interesting puzzle is to which animal would you have to add two to complete it?

[Serious] why do you keep asking yourself what the why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why why?

People who read the TOS, what are the most interesting terms you've come across?

What are some signposts someone was on the verge of being smart about?

What are some creative titles you can come up with for a post that will leave people talking about it for days?

What is the fastest way someone has shown they are really good at a job?

Gamers, what's one thing you are personally proud of?

What's the most outrageous thing Trump

My girlfriend is constantly r/Atheist , why do Atheists defend religion in r/atheism ?