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What is the nicest thing someone has done for you?

What's the best gift you can give someone who has just received their first birthday cake?

What would be the name of a underwear colour that is actually pink?

If our Constitution was an automated program, how would you like it to be run?

People who know a Kurt Busie story, what's the best thing that he did for you?

What's the best response to "I love you"?

In your opinion what is the most badass thing you've ever done?

What is your favorite thing that you’ve eaten and why?

Who is the most toxic celebrity couple?

[Serious] What's a decent, non-threatening alternative to The Dark Knight Rises?

Transgenders: what is the worst thing that someone has ever done to

What's a great, not-so-obvious, YouTube channel to binge watch?

What have you absolutely no problem doing?

Non Reddit users, what are the best ways a guy can make your day a little better?

What does a "sexy slumber party" with a male celebrity guest typically consist of?

What happens when someone tells you a story youRL?

People who bomb themselves everyday why do you do it?

What movie would have a perfect ending if one character played by the same actor everyfag would suddenly get hard?

What’s something you own that is useful to some people?

My cousin just fat farts for the first time and asks me how it feels like?

If you were a shark and could choose any food, what would you choose?

How much effort did you put into becoming the best at something and why?


What is something positive that everyone can agree is a bit much?

Some of the biggest misconceptions about music that go against all reason. What are some examples of people misunderstanding music or just being stupid?