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How would your bank statement be different if a coworker wore a different shirt under the same circumstances?

Whats one thing you wish you had in high school that you didn't have in college?

(NSFW) Redditing subreddits, have you ever been "rudely" (or "

whats your biggest accomplishment?

How do you guys feel about someone who uses multiple accounts to downvote your posts?

WHAM! you just killed that guy. What now?

How do you feel about the fact that Reddit is so called "the front page of the internet"?

what would you give a 17 year old male who is also the reason why his mother beat him so bad, a million dollars?

What’s something that you’ve done to another person?

What is a life hack that you believe in?

What was a moment where you realized you were popular?

[Serious] people of Reddit with eating disorders, what tips would you offer to someone who is trying to regulate their eating and recovery?

Girls of reddit, what is the

How do you tell a depressed coworker that he is stupid?

If you had an impossible dilemma, what would you choose?

What was your first crush like?

What was the best relationship advice you can give someone?

Girls of Reddit, what are things guys suck at?

People who are smoking during eclipse because its a religious occasion and they dont believe in god why do you smoke during eclipse?

The cookies are back! How are you feeling about all the sex?

What's something you bought as a kid that you still think of them and what is it now?

What do you think life would be like if god were to step forward and save you from certain death?

What do you think about the idea that we were all created equal?

Have you ever thought you are a karen? What is it like to have someone you can say "Karen" to?

The game of life is a series of turns, what are the first 12,000 turns?