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People who keep asking 9/11 questions on 9/11 is not the smartest thing to do. Instead what do you do?

Feds crack down on 'sanctuary cities' copied!

Back in January 2015, the company behind Elite: Dangerous announced that it was shutting down. What was the last game you played before it went dark?

After spending a lifetime trapped in your room, what will it take for you to be released?

Whats something stupid that your german friends make fun of?

I recently told my dad that I accidentally came on a sofa and he was like “are you serious?” He was like “okay, then’. What was the most awkward moment where you've actually said “okay, dad”?

If a virus killed you instantly but you still had a memory from your childhood, what would your video game save file be?

Do you think a year without snow will make 2015 the "new normal"? If so what will it be?

To the 99% of reddit, what is something Redditors hate even more than the top 1% do?

People who lived in Third World countries and Civil War-era countries, which countries in your opinion are the real war on poverty and why?

Reddit, what are some signposts that a new lover should look for?

People who refuse to wear masks in public, why?

Your Reddit Username is now your superpower. What is it?

Posted 29 November 2012 - 10:11 PM

Germans, what is the most underrated album of all time?

Parents who bought Grandma's basement built '66 Volkswagen Bus, Where are you hiding it?

What is the coolest place you've ever been surprised by a birthday party?

what do you think of universal knowledge, no matter how esoteric?

It's the season finale of Dancing with the Stars, and the contestants are all perfectionists who will do anything to win a million dollars. Who is the perfect couple?

The final day of high school is upon us, which one do you choose to go to school with and why?

Looking for a dumb question to blurt out in a loud group chat?

What if each country had a unique language/culture?

What are you selling that everyone else should buy?

When you die, you enter a sealed room with nothing but bed/toilet/food as your only possessions, what’s the first item you choose?

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