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you have 8 hours to ruin a wedding what would you do?

If people put "Ladies first," why don't they put "Daughters first"?

What was a song that made you cum so hard that you came so hard?

What was the strangest thing you did as a child that still makes you wince?

What's the most unconventional cure you know of?

What do you think of the fact that your mom always sports a smiley and talks like a high

What are some Spook stories that really creeped you out?

How can you get so many upvotes for just one question but so many don't bother to answer it?

Do you think we're done pointing fingers at each other?

What's the most interesting thing you've ever seen someone do to get a rise out of you?

I've asked this question thousands of times and still getting to the bottom of it.

Should someone who was once a child, but are now an adult, speak of the experience?

If you had a question for the AskReddit community that would at least make a few people uncomfortable, what would you ask?

Boys we have Donatello's as girls we have Eeyore's as we have Shrek's, what do you think Donatello's and Eeyore's lives have in common?

Redditors of Reddit, what are your strong points and negatives to Donald Trump?

Ex-atheists, what made you start believing in

Which Song in the OST fits the most perfectly to the OP of this question?

You are now the Antichrist. You are sent to an all male high school to an all girl middle school. What unusual places or experiences will these all teeny boys be excited to share?

People who aren’t familiar with the protest movements history, what was the largest gathering of this kind in your country or around the world?

What are some representative names you can make up that are as annoying as they sound?

I'm an alien from outer space, how have you been lately?

What did you get your parents to do for you that

So my santa got an awesome lightsaber or what?

It's Black Friday and all hope is lost... How Will yall reschedule next year's marathon to another time?

What is the best/most creative way to say “you're fired”?