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JK Rowling originally wanted to make Harry visit all four Hogwarts House common room, but couldn't think of a valid reason to visit the Hufflepuff common room. Why?

When you remove one letter from an American state name, what come next?

If the U.S.A. is a nation of cowards, how do they expect other countries to be when they vote with their feet, like in Canada?

What can you say during sex and at a family reunion?

If you could meet any celebrity dead or alive who would it be and why?

How do you think your cop/military dad is handling his job right now?

What if you could instantly make any object you want?

you find out your parents are actually gay and they got married in secret, how would you

You have to fight an animated friend who will give you hugs and kisses all the time. What would your winning combo be?

What's something small that makes life a lot better?

what's the worst way to get a raise?

What would have happened to the USA had the slave trade continued unabated?

How much is your relationship with God?

If your mom and your girlfriend had sex and your parents caught you, what do u do?

Which post on this post is the best?

Many people make the mistake of believing that the only option left for them is to either accept the existing system or fight it. You, on the other hand, have the opposite choice. How do you fight and what is the odds you will get out?

Genderfluid people of Reddit, how is your life genderfluidially?

How would Spiderman just be more of a mean assimmer?

People who have been on supernanny, worlds strictest parents, or Scared Straight, what was it like?

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Is there a subreddit dedicated just to driving people to distraction and anger?

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The fall is here, it's time to put a jacket on. And a scarf around your neck. You can choose any accessory you want, but you must wear the same one all day. What are you going to wear everyday?

Can someone explain to me the appeal of video games to children?

All videos on the Internet are