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What's something you feel is normal, but is totally exaggerated?

Posters of Reddit, what is the best way to market a post without looking like an idiot?

What is the best perk about owning a home?

What were the defining moments in your life that you can clearly remember?

Best Answer: Nothing.

What’s a retro game you’re obsessed with?

What do u think about cicadas? Do they have any social anxiety or something?

What's the most KiCad-compliant story you know?

What are some good intro videos on YouTube?

People who lost their virginity here on Reddit, how did you lose it and how long did it take you to get it back?

What if everyone in the world could read minds? would the world be much better place or would nobody have feelings at all?

What was the best moment where you made a new friend?

What do you think about the bald people of Reddit? Do you have any friends with hair? How did you deal with them when they did / do / don't they do?

How would you react if all your friends got together and did a porno fap?

I've been scammed by my girlfriend. What should I do?

What's the most badass thing your

What was something that you were happy with until you found out it wasn’t?

If you were a superhero and the world couldn't be used as a comic book universe, what would you do?

When you look at a Star Wars film and think "The Empire Strikes Back", what comes to mind?

If all your hobbies gave you a 4-year degree in something, what would your major and minor interests be?

When is a time someone has reached their breaking point?

6. What can a wife do to help with the toddler?

Civil engineers, what are some good ideas to solve world's water problems?

Are you guys all like "Fuck you, Natalie Portman, you are the president of the United States"?

"Gamers of reddit, what is the best "social" media platform for them to post/comment on all this GG related drama?