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After you die, you're left in this simulation for a bit. What simple thing would it be ?

What sounds dangerous but actually is very safe?

Cows of India, why are you proud to be a cow?

People with or who have had a fantasy about you, how realistic is it and what would you do?

What was it like to play the admin of Reddit?

What’s a "My parents are ugly" story you can tell someone who is struggling with their parents?

Americans, how does it feel that your president is openly racist and sexist, yet you as a citizen are shocked and disgusted by his lack of a response to prevent a violent national guard from being activated?

What is the best boomer movie you can watch?

What movie sounds bad but actually is good?

When did you realize you were 'made' and what happened to 'Made'?

If you were President of the United States right now, what would you do to help the American people right now?

If hands had hands, what would you find in the fridge that is considered unusually small?

What do you do if someone you know is racist?

People with brain cancer, what was the moment that made you realize you had suffered a Caesarean section?

Redditors of Reddit who have an account, why?

What do you want your death to be remembered for?

If the President put a gun to his head would the secret service be obligated to shoot him for making an attempt on the life of the president?

What would a world without borders be like?

What's your favourite quote you've heard from an artist, star, etc?

If you had to invent a new industry, what would it be?

You are suddenly 9/11 and everything in your world just went down at once. How do you rebuild your life?

Your skin turns pink and when you ur about to die it changes to blue. How'd you die?

What's something you've done that made the teacher say "Okay, Macduff"?

Who is your favourite son (nephew, nephew, etc.)?

What can you say during sex but also when buying groceries?