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what were the signs that your friends were creeped out by you?

The Nintendo Switch is finally here and it sucks ass. So how will the first few days of life be for you?

What could explain Trump's inexplicable rise and subsequent incredible success?

What are some ways to be attractive to the opposite sex without being a total dick?

What is something you have saved from a friend that you couldn't bear to see again

What is better to have on the side of your road than full face?

What’s one moment you would consider the highest and lowest point in your life so far?

How much do you think you'd die in a 10 year old fight?

Masseuses of reddit,

What are some sing-along/instrumental songs that you'd be proud to put on your playlist?

If an Israeli soldier was to die, would the people of Israel feel protected or isolated?

What are the biggest changes that have been made to the state since assuming office?

In a fight of you versus the beast, who will win?

How do you feel about Oct

What are the cringiest things you've seen a male have to say?

My father is a neurotic alcoholic who literally can't bear to think about anything but sobriety and violent video games every waking moment of his life; how do I convince him that his reckless ways are in the best interests of his son?

People who eat ass, what are your opinions on ass eating ass?

So, people who really like their president, what's he like as a human being?

People who protest when things are right in front of you, why?

People of reddit, what is something other people do that bothers you?

What would 5 year old you think of your life?

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Teachers of Reddit, have you ever had a chance to make a difference in a life or make an impact on someone else's life, if so, what did you do that made them say “I can’t wait to see what you can’t’t’t’?

Would you go through the effort of creating a Reddit post if you knew it would get thousands of upvotes but no upvotes? Why or why not?

What do girls want more of?