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How do you feel about wearing a condom to bed?

What is the best 'real-life' experiment you've ever tried?

JK Rowling is officially evil. No, really.

Doctors, what's the weirdest thing someone's

How would you feel about giving body positivity a shot?

What's a song that isn't even a banger but instead is a dud?

Redditors, what is the most annoying question you are sick of seeing again and again on /r/askreddit ?

Who is your favorite (not necessarily best) author and why?

How come girls are more likely to be victimized than boys are?

What’s the one thing about yourself that nobody wants to know?

You're offered 10,000 dollars if you can improve the quality of Donald Trumps talking. Do you accept? Why or why not?

If you believe the holocaust never happened, then how come so many people still cling to their conspiracy theories?

Redditors with cats, what's the most awesome thing your feline has done?

Redditors who grew up in third-world countries, which countries do you feel closest to and which countries are going to be the new Third World?

Fat Redditors, why do you feel this way and what can we do to be helpful to you?

What was the most surreal thing that you have ever experienced?

If Pokemon Go was a dating sim, what would some of the

What did you really like eating as a child, but now think is disgusting?

Men of reddit, what’s something important you think a girl should know about you?

What are some cheat codes you can share?

The group "We were that generation" is hereby declared a hoax. What were some of your biggest mistakes?

Men of Reddit, what is your opinion on gender equality?

What would be the most badass thing a zombie

Nurses of reddit, what was the most unexpected favor you've performed in your life?

What’s something that a lot of people do with their time on this earth?