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You wake up as a jar of mayonnaise. How would your day be

Has the tulip crop failed? If so what are the next steps?

That was such a waste of my time!

What is something everyone likes except you?

Redditors of reddit, have you ever had a Porn Star girlfriend? If so how did it play out?

If you could magically get into any movie and into any genre, what

Is it possible to make a gif just from

How do you feel about the term "post-truth", "deceit" or "alternative facts" as a marketing term?

Dear people who had to watch someone else have sex what was it like ?

What is something that is acceptable in the military but unacceptable in the civilian world?

How do you guys feel about 9/11?

Guys that are so attracted to femmes, how does it feel like?

[Serious] which stereotypes about gay communities do you feel hurt by?

How do you think the world would change if people didn’t have sex all that often?

Given how some Republicans are using the shutdown as an excuse to not pass any important legislation, what’s the most logical thing to do to fix their image problems?

My name is Ashley, and today, I let my #1 Shooter (Pete Rock) fuck me. What are my thoughts on today?

People who think the USA is the greatest country in the world, go on youtube and search for an hour for an example that sticks in your head... what you'll find?

What sort of gay porn do you think young adults should get off of YouTube?

Girls of Reddit, what is something guys will ALWAYS want to have sex with?

What do you think about Cavs/Warriors games? Why?

If you had to describe your country to a single human being, who would it be?

What is something you could say as a cafe/barista and it would be funny?

You’re 13 years old, have you ever had a dream so good that you ended up sad when you woke up?

[Serious] how do you guys feel about the BLM activists that are trashing historical statues and monuments, especially Churchill's and Ghandi's statues?

Has anyone ever actually been on a porn website with another person and really had a good experience? If so what was that experience?