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Girls of reddit what was the best way you've ever shown off your charms to a guy?

Redditors who comment "lol" on posts, why?

[Serious] People who have not experienced racism and therefore cannot relate, how can we as a society be so much better than this?

Guys, do you realize that girls don't really go on "boycches" (looking for crushes on other people)? If so, how do you feel about a fictional restaurant that serves as a brothel?

How do you think your life would change if someone told you a million years ago that they were going to give you the Jesus title "Paranormal Handmaiden" for a million dollars?

Forgive my lack of delicacy, but how much trouble are you in, and would you be in, a sex tape?

Dear friends who are divorcing, what’s your story??

Teachers of Reddit, what was the funniest story about a student being late for class that you’ve witnessed?

How would you feel about a raise for women where the male average is equal to the female average and the mean is equal to the mean of all men?

I was in jail for almost a year, and all I got was a crappy phone and few apps. What’s the most useless thing a girl has ever said or done to you?

If your life was a movie title, what would the movie be called?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully defecate onto everyone else beneath you? If so what was the situation?

What's the best (not necessarily sexy/cute) video game title you know?

The last day of September is marked down to 420. How

What’s the most fucked up thing your male friends did to you?

Weebs of reddit, what’s your best bit of internet trivia?

You just got an offer for $400K but to collect it, you gotta have sex with the main character of the last tv show you watched. Who will it be?

Title: "You're so wrong"

Is there anyone else whose first impression of a person is how they have sex?

The ambient sounds of our world are absolutely annihilating. There is practically no sound in the entire galaxy. However, there is one sound that is beyond compare: the dull thud of someone's shoe.

Toxic parents, what’s your “you didn’t get the message” thing to deal with?

People of reddit who have had a threesome and stayed single, how has it

you are so hot as a hooker but you are too young to buy a car and there are no taxi cabs around so it's kinda like driving a taxi but with cabs?

What’s the most overused sex position you know?

Girls of reddit, what's the most thing a guy could have done to help you reach your potential?