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If you could suddenly see the complete opposite sex and gender for the rest of your life, would you instantly become a sex pervert and why?

Former racists, what was the final straw?

Dear parents of Reddit, what has been going on in your/your children's lives, if any, before they turned 1?

What is the perfect cellphone case?

Why haven't Indians shown more patriotism?

People who work in your industry, what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever had to do?

If your life was a novel, what would be the name of the current chapter?

What would a good feminist counter to an angry indian be like?

Why do we protest against censorship, but when someone is being overly generous is acceptable?

If you had to invent a brand-new, never-before-used, everyday product, what would it be and which products would you create?

In 40 years, if talking to people for 30 seconds in traffic isn't bad, what would be?

The past few weeks have been rough for many of us. As someone who has been awake too late into the night to think straight, what bad habit have you been unconsciously pulling?

[Serious] Why should people have the option to cancel their reddit account?

Hey reddit what's your go to cringe story?

People of Reddit, what is something small that makes your day a lot better?

If Ayn Rand was alive today what would you say?

Men of Reddit, what are some of the stupidest things you've seen/said in the past 24 hours?

If the United States had a car race, what would be the winning car?

Guys of Reddit, what is the worst thing your pre-teens/teens did to each other?

The dam breaks, the water turns blue, and all is lost. What are you doing to prepare for this eventuality?

What does a quality life not come with ?

People who let their friends hang out in Lion's Arch, what was that like?

If someone lost their virginity, how does it feel?

What songs in the OVA were the strongest and stood the best chance at the end game?

[Serious] If you had the opportunity to pick a profession with no qualifications, what would it be?