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What foods do you love but vehemently disagree with others about?

What is the most porno thing a hospital would offer you?

Any advice for someone just getting started in life?

What would you think of a podcast

I made a pic of my penis, but once again it was too good to be true...

If you were immortal and couldn't get injured/sick/ injured/stuck in any way by anything, what would you do?

People of Reddit, if every country apart from the UK and US had a copy of Common Weal and if they all had the same god, why can’t they all use it together?

What song do you wanna bang?

People who lurk on Reddit. Why do you

A disused coal power station in Lancashire (left) and a wind farm in Devon (right) have the potential to make the UK the largest exporter of coal. How would these projects benefit the environment and society at large?

Where to find Rob Thomas' photo album?

Reddit, can you help?

What is your favorite FNAF game?

When were you first introduced to a Star Wars quote/reference?

What was a minor traffic accident that you still think about to this day?

What does it feel like to have a boner?

[Serious] which new media are you excited about and what are some of the great content creators?

People who already use google as their primary search engine, how much do you actually use it right now?

Males of reddit, whats it like to have a erection?

What are some non-biased, trustworthy news outlets?

What is your favorite book and why is it better than the last one?

You are suddenly teleported 3 feet to the left. How does that change your life ?

Your stripper name is your favorite candy flavor along with something you do every day. How would your stripper name be different?

Redditors with big dreams, what are some small things that you guys can take care of right now?

What can We expect from Trump's visit to the UK in April?