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What is the most fake thing a YouTube comment has to offer?

What is something adults don't understand about you?

We've seen it all before, but what if some of our favourite movies were actually adaptations of books?

How would you feel about a national walkout of work day to let workers know that they're not getting paid for their activism?

What's the one time you had a dream and it ended up happening?

We are so close, yet so far?

People who actually read software terms and conditions, what is something he actually did you

What’s an absolutely annoying book you guys have got to read?

What would you call a person who enjoys reading mystery novels and was bullied in school?

What's the best line someone's ever said to you?

What would happen if someone took all the karmas and made karmas of them?

As a trans girl, when did I start acting like a girl?

How do you get a post on /r/askreddit?

Flat earther's why do you think flat earth theory is so stupid?

People with Kindergarten-age Kids, what is your Reaction to The Avengers: Age of Ultron ?

What's something you own that is considered a "toy"?

You get to have sex with the Terminator.

Serious question: how come guys are so overrated?

What are your fondest r/Atheism moments?

What is the best accent in video game?

The Fast and the Furious franchise is getting rebooted...what would be some of the worst things to revamp it?

I once had a dream where I caught a thief using a rope to take stuff from my house... what should people do if they or they know a stalker?

Redditors, what would you tell a 14

What would an adult with an eating disorder be like?

What can trump do to make your life a living hell?