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What were some LOL-worthy things you did as a child?

In what way would a “Thank God It Wasn’ for Tonight?” similar to the lottery benefit society?

What is something you like, great, but dislike the other guy for?

What is your advice to someone who is simultaneously obsessed and turned on by the same person?

What is something people do in the name of religion, but really doesn't believe in?

You are left with one wish - you will never be left alone with your own thoughts again and you will always know where the nearest available human being is. What is it?

What is your opinion on r/games that is trying to make a mockery out video game consoles?

You want to be a bad guy, but you can't bring any real history with you?

The Beatles were in on the joke, how would you deal with covid-19?

How do you feel about LG releasing a water resistant version of their phone range?

What's the most annoying question on AskReddit?

how to get america to let you back in?

Dear female redditors, have you ever shown your best friend your vagina. If so why?

Why should you never own a gun?

To the makers of The Big Bang Theory, what is the most ridiculous

People of Reddit who had to eat human meat, what was it like? And what's your fondest memory from childhood?

What movie title would be improved by adding a sequel?

What is the most amusing backstory that you can tell about a person?

People who were murdered, how are you now?

What are your favorite facts about space?

You're a Burglar but

If someone was going to ‘borrow’ your body for a year only to kill you, would you do it? Why, why not?

People who grew up in third-world countries (such as India or China), what was the biggest shock for you when moving to a developed country like the US?

What is a healthy alternative to fast food that is satisfying and satisfyingly weird?

What do you do when you accidentally post a pic of yourself on Imgur?