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The [Serious] Jim Crow South is slowly being lifted but racist laws remain in place. What’s your plan?

People who leave answers but no upvotes on AskReddit, what's up with you?

Blind People of Reddit, How is Your Life?

You can choose a gender for your entire species. How would you feel about that?

What’s one thing you can say during sex but can also say in a family?

What’s the best part about your crush?

What’s something useful everyone should at least know how to say?

Why do you like

People who say "man does not “get past the phase where he just wants to chill for 5 minutes and be happy" why do you do it? Is it because you genuinely don't get why people do that?

When buying alcohol, how much do you charge for it?

Sorry about the pictures, but these are serious business. How do you get through it?

While President Trump is in Saudi Arabia, how do you feel about the Women in the World having the vote?

You're a Burglar but instead of stealing things, you leave something really awesome to people. What is your legacy?

What has been the most successful weapon you've used in a fight?

Redditors with children under the age of 18, what’s the most childish thing your child has done?

What fact sounds scary but actually is a hero in some way?

What's your worst cheap shot you've ever heard?

Reddit, what's the best way to waste $100?

What makes someone a "Slut"?

What games are you nostalgic for but don't have a great fondness for?

What was the most fucked up thing you ever did?

[SERIOUS] Which fact did you know was secretly very harmful?

My best friend's parents are racist and I don't want to be perceived as agreeing with everything they believe. What do I do?

Is depression a choice, something we all have, or is it something we all inherit?

The rules of reddit are simple - all posts must make mention of the last thing you used before it was posted. What's your last post?