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Are you excited about Minecraft and the future of games ?

[Serious] In America, how

[Serious] People who like Donald Trump. Why?

What would you do if someone in overly dramatic circumstances asked you to perform oral on them?

Parents, why do you bomb on your kids?

For the Australians, what would be your reaction to a move to a country called "The One Country" (like Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the European Union or Japan)?

All porn has to be outlawed, right? Why or why not?

What do you think would happen if some old fart from outer space showed up on earth and said he was going to wipe us all out?

People who live with a crazy woman who is abusive and violent. What is her crazy story?

It's that time of year again. I hate to sound like a grouch, but PLEASE think twice before flooding Reddit with pictures of you/your kids flooding out with guns drawn?

Why is /r/athe subscribed to the redditor by default? This is a good question.

What are some fun coincidences or events that are highly unlikely due to science or math?

People of Reddit that have been involved with a famous person, what's it like?

People with Ocasion names, what is it like to have it shat out there?

What are some cool hobbies you have?

Hi aliens, have you ever been in a situation where you needed help, and the only thing you could do was to make sure the people around you were more friendly than the people around you? If so, what did you do?

It's a Thursday and I'm in the shower with my bum hanging out of the showerhead. What should i do?

There are many different types of cum, what is the one that is the most efficient?

What is "the one thing you can always count on"?

What was the best romance in your childhood?

How would you feel about a dating site that matches singles with celebrities?

What movie hit you the hardest mentally?

If sexual experiences were standardized today would every country have their own standardized tests?

Redditors who have parents that watch Fox News and were successfully able to deprogram one from their viewing party, how did you do it

Dear AskReddit, how is your traffic?