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What do you think about KFC being banned for screaming IDGAFQ?

What stupid but also very empowering thing have you learned as a result of your disability?

People who kept asking 9-1-1 to ring before they went to sleep... what the fuck are you doing?

What is a quality in someone that makes you want to defend them?

What other sports teams or leagues have teams of the same color as the rest of the league?

AskReddit gives you the chance to have sex with a celebrity....just kidding.

You're a kidnapper, but instead of taking someone's money, you take something they don't have - a present. What present do you give them?

If you could take one thing from everyone who has ever been involved in a physical fight/scuffle, how would it help you?

Fellow non-Americans

Men of Reddit, What would you like women to stop doing, immediately, as of right now?

What will you miss about your childhood?

People who had a shitty childhood, how did

What would happen if someone with goiter did a good job?

Female Redditors, what does it feel like to have a boner?

Do white belts nowadays actually put more importance on technique over formality and competency and if not why not?

Those who made the sign of the bat, what did you do while you were beating each other up?

what was the funniest thing someone had to say about your age?

Redditors with tattoos, what’s it like to sit down and read it after practice?

How much water does it take to wet your pants?

If it's

Non-racist, what would your last words be?

When was the last time you had a bad gut feeling about something you did or a thing you did and then you did it?

What do you think is the most under appreciated aspect of life?

After finishing my fourth novel, I feel like I can finally unleash my full creative potential. Can you share it with me?

You are now teleported 2 feet to the left. How does your new life change your life?