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Forgive my lack of tact, but is this what Reddit is supposed to be?

They say your eating habits are a reflection of who you are. Which person are you?

[Serious] Do you guys have any really good stories about how a drunk stan got away with raping a drunk woman ?

What is something that is considered cute for a boy to do but unacceptable for a girl to do?

Why do you think the Westboro Baptist Church are so anti-gay?

Scientifically, what do you think your sex life would be like if you had a billionaire boyfriend?

HELP!! Women of reddit, what’s going on with you??

what do you think about the term "mark em"? do you feel like you're a Mark IV?

If you were given the opportunity to have sex with anyone in the world would you do it, why?

Redditors, what is your view on "white people" memes?

How do you feel about our rights being elevated to the level of a religion?

Fat girls get cum on your face, why don't you eat it?

What’s a skill every person should learn?

People who call yourselves The Cookie Monster, What are YOUR cookies?

What is your "they didn't realise I had a brother" story?

Women of Reddit, how similar are your breasts to your self-described 'wife's size'?

What's a song everyone has heard but you don't know its name?

What’s a thing that’s made people mad before?

People who say "all lives matter," why do you say that?

what would be the weirdest open source project you have worked on?

If you could go back in time

Any other G-rated topics?

People of Reddit you work at a fast food restaurant. One day, after spending all your remonstrating with your coworkers, you get a disgusting

What are you two having fun laughing about?

A retired cop tells me my account is a "laugh" but he has proof that I beat his wife. Do you guys think he's a "laugh"?