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What’s the funniest 'fancy' story you ever heard ?

The Pentagon is planning to spend $1.1 trillion on defense in fiscal year 2018, up from $886.8 billion in fiscal year 2017, but it will have to make do with less than half of what it has now. What will the budget be?

What's your perfect drinking game?

I'm an Atheist.

[Serious] People who support Bernie Sanders, why?

Death row inmates, have you ever had a moment of clarity while being gassed? How would your execution be different if you did and what would you say?

Which character from all of fiction really is a rip-off?

What’s a great movie that is underrated?

What are the weirdest pickup lines someone has ever said to you?

People who say "All lives matter", explain why?

What is the most boomer thing you have ever done?

You get to have sex with the Woman/Man of your dreams, but the entire world is under his control and he will do whatever it takes to please you. What would you do?

Folklore has it that “at 4am the jesus thing is real for real this time” would you be willing to bet that your 7.30am alarm clock is also a part of the jesus thing right now?

How do you feel about those who put up with Jim Sterling?

What's something that you've never had any luck with?

Doctors, what's the weirdest thing you’ve seen in a patient?

What is your opinion on a redesign of the Grand Theft Auto franchise?

I've just started a blog, take all the wisdom I've learned from it and pass it on to you as best I can.

Guys, what's the funniest thing a female co-worker has said?

Who is the most poisonous person you have meet? How did you meet them?

Are you a racist? If so, why?

people of reddit who have received death threats for no reason, how do you live knowing that your day is coming soon?

(NSFW) What is one thing you're willing to go to any length to keep human life the most interesting possible?

Would you date a girl with a “imperfect” body? Would it be a lifelong journey? Why, or why not?

What are your thoughts on breastfeeding and sex?