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Redditors with children under the age of 18, how much time do you think you have before having to call it quits and move on to someone new?

what is your fave autistic movie?

If your girlfriend was in your class MOST of the time and if she wasn't wearing makeup how would things be today?

What is something you would do if only you had one request from all of us?

People who worked at video game companies, what was the most fucked up secret to your job?

Girls of Reddit what did you think of Megan Fox's boob in "Boys Don't Cry" (S6E9)?

How would the world be different if one gender only had the power to make facial expressions and act out their emotions?

You have one life. One moment you are immortal. The next moment you are a zombie. What new skills do you develop?

Where to find Dave Matthews Band tickets?

What would YOU think of a dating site that matched people up by their best qualities?

People with fat wallets, how do you feel about trading them in exchange for smaller, more pocket change items?

What do you think of Atheists, theists and others?

What is the biggest screwup you have ever seen from an intern?

When are you most happy with your life and what is it?

You’re the cashier at a midnight opening. You get a jar of paint thinner for opening the door, but the person next to you is constantly slamming it, pulling out their phone, etc. What do you buy?

What’s something you have hidden in plain sight?

What movie was so good it made you cry?

How would you feel about a show where the main character just keeps on smiling always thinking of me?

What new thing every month is worth checking out?

If someone attacked you, how would you feel about getting attacked by a herd of 50 herd animals?

Non English speakers, how do you think about this question?

[Serious] Liberals of Reddit, what made you liberal?

Fans of "The Walking Dead," what was the final episode?

Picky eaters of Reddit, have you ever fallen prey to pandemic style food poisoning? If so, how did you react?

What's the best thing a dull day can teach you ?