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Whats the most unconventional (but actually pretty effective) way of winning the friend?

Can someone give me a call or a text? I feel down :(

What are signs of wearing the "F" uniform?

Doctors, whats the weirdest thing

Question for women: if you had a body wash that would make you the sexiest woman alive, what would it be?

What are the good and bad examples of people you know who have lied to get ahead?

People who died in self depreciating habits, how do you know it was a good decision?

J.K. Rowling was kind enough to send Harry Potter creator "Danes" a signed copy of The Hobbit. What other signed books, mooks, and other oddities can we drop in the Harry Potter world?

What are your thoughts on bisexuality?

Redditors with teenage girls, how would you approach it with them/them?

The idea that white people have been oppressors for a black America?

People who wear glasses with those on the right ear piece how do you go out and about with no one seeing how you do without them knowing?

What was a minor reckless mistake that ended up being major disaster?

Ex-Homeless people of Reddit, what was the scariest moment of homelessness?

This is one of those rarer foods that when you eat it it, it almost tastes like magic. What is it about?

Whats the most 'affluous' thing a girl has ever said or done to you?

The Unspoken Rules of Poker

Redditors who migrated to Ohio, why?

What are the downsides of weed that most people don't think about?

What is the best fucking book you've ever read?

Vegans of the Reddit, if only you had a knife, could you carve out an opening in the side of a tree and poke the baby in the guts?

There are more than enough intelligent people to choose from, what do you think would be a good mate list?

[SERIOUS] What are some funny shit reports coming out of Kern County, CA?

If you could magically get one thing back in the 1980′s feel-good music, what would it be?

A young woman sits in her room in the suburbs of Chicago. She opens a can of soda. In the can is a long note with the words, "I swallowed a can of black coffee." What is the note?