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You find out your son is a Homosexual and he and his friends are having a threesome. What pair do you choose?

What does a male Karen feel like?

Why are you so mad at the Obama administration for allowing citizens to have two guns for personal protection?

What is the most fuck-up you have seen from a girlfriend?

You're 12 years old again. It's 5 A.M. You find a random box in the grass with a note saying "Please write something for me, anything is better than nothing". Inside is a homemade sign language set up with nothing but an old pair of underwear. What is it?

Insecure people of reddit, what do you do for support groups/uhs/etc?

What did you think was a little too advanced for your tastes?

Owns posted on Reddit that they're moving out and will be moving to another state, what’s your speculation?

Uni students of reddit. What is the most ridiculous reason a student has for not being a top student?

What are some ways to stop being lonely?

The final song on Planet Rock was made by one man... what’s a man?

Have you ever had a moment when you thought you would be a "Horny Teenager"? What was that moment?

How do you feel about the REAL reason your father smoked crack?

You are now the manager of foster teens, what is the strangest foster story you have encountered so far?

If the Republicans decide to abandon us, what will you do?

What would a Trump presidency mean for the LGBT community?

What you can say during sex but can also say during chemistry class?

Girls of reddit, what are your feelings on penis size?

What is a myth that most people have yet to believe?

People of Reddit, who was your school's “we didn’t start the Fire” story, and why wasn’t the actual event declared a terrorist incident?

What can I say as a gay American?

Men of Reddit: what’s the stupidest thing your girlfriends/wife has said/done?

What is the "dead" switch in your house?

Pepole who use ketamine, why?

What are the absolutely funniest fallacies you've heard about people?