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Redditors who use MS Edge, why?

What do you consider the biggest screwup in the @WhiteHousebot?

What should be free but isn't?

If the devil gave you the option to drop what you have and take his place, would you do it? Why, why not?

In Heaven, what are some things that are common to all religions but are uncommon to none?

What is your country’s national anthema?

What are some quotes that

What are some shituations that can be simplified with the use of a computer?

What is the most image-shaming thing your friends do to you?

Whats the most likely to be a rapist to his/her victims?

You get a thousand dollars but your whole life you've been a sex slave. Every time you cum you get a new bone. What do you do?

If a caucasian were to develop an allergy to the opposite sex what side effects would that expect from you?

Which simple insult can you never seem to get tired of?

Should men who got caught in digg sex scenes get some form of recognition (as though there was a statue or something) why or why not?

Have you ever been so high that you felt exalted like you could rightfully kick anyone else's ass? What was your experience like?

What are some real facts about space?

What does a pinky on your left hand do that actually feels good?

Dear Karens of reddit, how has your life changed since your name became a meme?

To the founders of successful subreddits, how has your journey changed your perspective on the site?

The movie "Taken" (2007) is full of scenes set in strip clubs. How would you feel about a porno movie based on a comic book?

There's a 'Sherlock' style game show based on the books, but what if all the houses were actually jokers?

People who download porn to watch a friend watch, why do you do it?

People who worked at airports: how has airport security changed since Trump came in?

People who make "People who poop on American soil, why?" posts on Reddit. Why?

Do you think a newborn baby would be better than an