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Why do so many redditors hate free speech?

What celebrities do you think have fake boobs and ass?

What do you think of Ed Miliband becoming Labour leader?

What are some of the most toxic or potentially dangerous parents that you have seen?

What was your best "I can’t believe you didn’t pick the life-altering, mind-blowing, game-changing, life-changing, college-level skills that you did" moment?

What do you think about everybody else's opinion that you're the reason the world is in so much chaos?

what was a dream that you’re actually glad you had?

People who have used erotica as an erotica. What is it about?

To the

How would your life be different if Trump won the election and why?

What are some small-talk tricks that can make someone at ease?

Redditors, since your knowledge of science is second to none, how did you acquire your scientific degree?

Cows of India, how are you feeling as we speak?

What can white people do to help the black Lives Matter Movement?

People of Reddit who work in cleaning, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve found in someone’s house?

How do I tell my step-sister that she smells

What is a song that has a similar melody to "

Thrust into this magical world you will be immersed in a role playing game called D&D. The party is made up of the DM, 5 players, a non player character and a friend who plays along. What is the DM's stupidest move?

You are the manager of Gringo's, a junk food joint that serves fast food and drink with a bad customer base. What is your plan to keep your job but also to strike a nerve with your customers?

What's your favorite time to go to the beach?

What things can white people do to support the black Lives Matter Movement in a peaceful non-violent manner?

What is the most 'Needs A Makeover' video game is?

[Serious] Psychoanalysts of Reddit, what is the "Yahaha!" moment that made you cry ?

What is your favorite non-sexual thing a guy has done for you?

The Line between Food and Fats is getting blurred, making food more appealing to the masses while keeping fat people in chains. How'd you ruin the perfect meal by substituting chicken for steak?