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When ordering from a fast food chain, what is the item that everyone gawked at first?

So. You found out your son is gay. What would you do?

Whats your favourite time to get downvoted to hell?

What is the nicest thing a friend or a family member did for you during sex?

They say everyone is someone's friend, but someone you know is someone's "enemy". So, with that enemy out of the way, who's your friend?

If you could have any

How do you feel about dark as fuck themes in

For those of you still awake, what do you think will be the end of the world?

If you ask someone's permission first, then you can kiss their ass. What do you do when someone says yes to that?

People who were in deathrow, how did it go for you?

Can I ask a question for a real life situation?

I found Pornhub and it was like looking for the first time at a porn site. It took me about 10 seconds to find what I was looking for. What was the whole "pornhub" thing all

What are some cool new products from the makers of FNAF?

These are my personal favourite TOS episodes:

What do you consider the biggest screwup in the first date you ever experienced?

What are your regrets about childhood?

[Serious] girls who had been raped, what’s your story?

What are some of the stupidest things

Why is this site so self righteous? You have to complete a Tumblr blog post to gain entry, how would you gain entry?

Have you ever pined for a childhood friend? If so, how did it make you feel to see them go?

People of Reddit who smell like cigarettes...why?

People of Reddit that have a day job, what’s your job?

People with disabilities, what is something you would like others to know about the disabled community?

What is the craziest (not sexual) thing your family has done?

How can one go about getting a penis sucked into a vagina?