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[SERIOUS] If you had 1040 and were able to choose where to live, where would you live?

Men, what would you like a girlfriend to be like, and how would you describe your relationship to them?

Managers of Reddit, what’s one thing HR should probably know?

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If you were to name a brand, what would it be?

It's 3 AM and my phone is dying. What do I do?

Super Mario Odyssey is Mario's first attempt at a game based on real life, but it's a complete waste of time. What's your take?

People of Reddit who have known a Karen, what's the story?

Hackers of Reddit, have you ever had a chance to use his login information, if so what was it?

Redditors who

Cops of Reddit, what’s the funniest story about a cop being nice to a child, when you’re not sure how the cop feels about you?

What are the best free online certificates you can make?

Dc vs Miami Dolphins game is decided by

The cat shit is so much better than the dog shit, what are some positive things

[SERIOUS] What do you do to make the most of quiet moments?

The first half of the year is over and it's Time to Party! It's time for a second half to Last Fucking Fetus, and Let's Build a Wall! What's in the Wall: Houses, Farms, Jobs, Education, or some other long-term goal?

People who have legally killed someone, explain the story?

Redditors, why are you so obsessed with this post?

[Serious] Conservatives: do you stand by your support for Trump? If not, why?

What is scarier - the thought of being violated or the actuality of having to endure it?

With all of the hate going around, it is easy to forget that there are people out there who are nice, kind,

What was the most Cops doing while you were walking by?

What are some good subreddits that are friendly to conservatives but have

How do you guys feel about the fact that you are outnumbered 2:1?

What do you think is the greatest sin a person can commit?