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What are some good subreddits you can't stand without laughing?

What is the fastest way someone has betrayed you?

I was in a restaurant with my best bud's girlfriend. We were eating a sandwich and suddenly she said "You know what? Fuck this. I'll stick a knife up your ass." What happened next?

What are some AMAZING FASHIONS that you guys have come to appreciate over the years?

What is most fucked up thing a police officer has ever done to you?

(NSFW) Have you ever done this with your male friend?

What is something that you think other people should be proud of?

What's your worst "kidnapped" experience?

People who have known a Killer, what was it like?

Why do you think the world is in so much chaos right now?

Dear women of reddit how has your life changed since we were parted?

Males of Reddit, what’s something else you’d like to say to the women you “trick’ approached about stripping in highschool?

Just a question for American Redditors from a does it feel being an "expat"?

Dear Redditors, how have you been oppressed by the Reddit staff and what is your story?

What is a skill everyone seems to forget about?

Teachers of Reddit, what was the best way you or someone you know used to discipline a child?

Is there any truth to the rumours that you’ve had for years that the main character from a TV show is hiding a part from us that we know but is never going to find out about?

People of Reddit who stopped raging on children for a while, how did you do it?

What type of haircut would you choose for your self (beard, no less)?

what's your story?

Who else thinks faces up? Why?

What should be the default reddit login for children?

What is something you're more proud of than most?

How do you feel about Tai Chi?

What is the most stupidest thing a police officer has ever said?