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It's 2020 and the election is held, one candidate is a robot and the other is human. The election is held in 20 minutes what will be the result?

Weebs of reddit, have you ever met a Reddit Hottie? What did they say?

[Serious] People who have heard the burning house theme, how do you feel about it?

Without saying what show it is, what is your 'favorite' (non-sexual) example of a relationship in a show/film/game?

Redditors with small children, how do you keep them calm when their mom is acting crazy?

People of Reddit, are you sure you won't get yourself killed in a firefight?

Which character from all of fiction do you absolutely hate?

You are in a room for 22 hours straight, do you notice a difference in how people are feeling today, or do you think you'll fail as a teacher and get fired?

Trump will be impeached, how do you feel about a Purple Heart for your son?

Which player do you think has the best sound in their price range?

Anyone else wonder if the entire Western world is running on borrowed time and if so how can we stop them?

If you could eat time, what do you think it would take?

Why is it that when you go out drinking or being obnoxious enough, everyone around you

Vegans, what's the best way to explain your feelings towards bacon?

Guys of reddit, what do girls on reddit tease about being a gentleman?

Your username is now your only weapon in an apocalypse, what other weapons will you have ?

Your user name is your most hated opponent. Who is it?

People of Reddit who stopped eating breakfast entirely what was the biggest change in your life?

All the young people who took part in the OWS, how did it change your mind?

If you were the enemy of the United States, how would you take advantage of the situation and why?


People who hate it when your username is too liberal: What are your reasons?

What are signs of a toxic boss, coworker, etc?

Have you ever thought you were gay and it was just a phase? If so what was going through your mind when you came out?

What are some funny segues from a horrific tragedy?