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What not to say in a court case?

Students, what are some 'safe' tricks to losing interest quickly?

Parents of Reddit, have you ever been attracted to your (step) son and if so what was it?

To what degree do

Redditors who grew up with no video games, what game did you always play?

What is the most heart-stoppingly awkward thing anyone HAS to do to get a reaction from you?

Where can white knights tune in to help Donald Trump?

Have you ever met a real life Karen? If so, was it worth it?

What isn't a topic that people are too busy thinking about to actually learn?

Would you post the question here instead of on r/AskReddit?

Averted people of reddit, how were you kicked in the nuts?

People of Reddit who had penises, which was easier for you? Long or short?

Who is the most toxic personality in Reddit?

What makes the molest’s video so hot?

You are now a

Dear Reddit, Just Wanted To Let You Know That I'm Apprehensive About Your Future... (March 2018 Update)

What's the first song your mind has ever heard of?

[Serious] How much more rape culture are you willing to accept, than you actually are?

What's something that everyone looks stupid doing?

What's the most well known movie catchphrase that still works 100 years later?

Would you have sex with a cat in your dreams? Why or why not?

What's the most ridiculous thing people have said to you?

What’s something that is commonly taught in

Whats something that is getting old?

What is something you would do to change police brutality