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Whats a mild inconvenience that you accept, but then dreads doing because of how annoying it is?

People with inclinations towards crime/thievery, how come you do it?

What’s the most creative thing a doctor has ever done to you?

What did you absolutely not get in childhood that you are now ecstatic to have?

Dear Reddit, I'm a Drug Collector and Robber. 1-800-273-TALK (8255)

Redditors with kids, what is the happiest memory you've had with them?

What’s the best time to quit your day job?

If your username was an enemy in a video game, what item would it take

What are your thoughts on Cops getting away with plain murder?

Would you kill your self for $1,000,000? Why or why not?

What is the worst thing someone ever told you?

What is your favorite episode of The Office?

How did you find out that your cat was an android?

What does a normal bowel movement feel like?

Like many a puppy, I wanted to be some sort of superhero. Well, I got this. Now I am.

It's January 20, 2021. Shouldn't this post be freaking long ago?

What is the best response to a creepy message on OK Cupid?

How do you choose who to vote for if both candidates have certifiably lost their minds?

How would you feel about the "world without feelings" movement?

What’s something that you can say during sex and a holy crusade?

Our bodies develop a special ability called 'fight or flight' that when activated, almost always results in injury or death. What's your 'cry baby' story?

What are your all time favorite moments from Doctor Who?

What’s the best '80s song ever?

The June Fools' Day prank was so effective that now it's part of our culture. When and why did this viral hoax become a thing?

For girls on reddit what is a guy's best friend's